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Teacher Training / Mentoring Program

Turn your passion and lifestyle into a career and become a certified and confident yoga teacher. A specifically personalised yoga training over the course of up to one year (longer if required). Can be started at any time after discussion and interview with Susi Davies.


Asana, Technique, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy
Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy and Yogic Lifestyle will be part of the entire program.

After completion of the entire program and passing of all exams, an internationally recognised yoga teaching certificate will be given.


CHF 6000.-
Personalised monthly or bi-monthly payment method can be arranged.


  • Regular Yoga Sessions at our Academy and  assisting in real life classes 

  •  private monthly sessions with Susi (days will be organised during personal discussion)

  •  Self practice supervised by Susi

  • Home study with assignments and exams

Terms & Conditions

CHF 500.- – non refundable deposit to make a commitment- Remaining payment can be made in 3 monthly instalments. After all monies have been received and course has commenced, no refunds are granted.


You must have practiced regularly at least one year of yoga under the guidance of a certified teacher.



Please send an email to stating how long you have been practicing and what style of yoga and who your teacher is. The reasons for you to do the training and if you have any medical conditions that could prevent you from doing certain asana.

More about our program

I believe the path to becoming a professional yoga teacher is a unique, satisfying, and life-affirming journey.

The intensive program comprises 4 main areas of study:

  1. The Theory and Practice of Yoga

  2. Anatomy and Physiology as it applies to Yoga

  3. Yoga Philosophy, Meditation and Yogic Lifestyle

  4. Teaching Methodology

  5. Breathwork (Pranayama)


Our program emphasizes your personal practice as the source for creative teaching, and includes a comprehensive study of the techniques and mechanics of fundamental yoga postures, as well as the tools necessary for you to teach and inspire others.

To deepen your understanding you will also study functional anatomy and physiology, explore Yoga’s philosophical underpinnings, practice meditation and pranayama.

We offer a cohesive, multi-specialist approach , more of a teacher mentorship than a simple training. 

At the cornerstone of our teaching philosophy is the idea that the concepts of Yoga must be first understood through the body and the dynamic, conscious practice of your own personal practice. After completion of your training, you will be guaranteed a teaching spot at our academy. (conditions apply).

DYNAMIC YOGA follows 7 vital principles of Practice

Centering Down
Connecting to Core
Yield to Earth
Establish Drishti
Observe Breath
Stack your bones
Move with Grace, Love and Joy.




We incorporate the 5 natural elements of EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR, SPACE. Important alignment techniques (IYENGAR) blended with the graceful flow of VINYASA  coupled with the unique approach to sequencing that is specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s yoga student.

mission is to provide each Yoga teacher with the foundation to teach skillfully with compassion, safety, and integrity, while honouring his or her individual voice and style.

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