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We Are Open Again !

Dear Yoginis/Yogis

Well we survived the last 6 weeks with all the online classes... well done to everyone... the first week was very challenging even for myself i must admit.. Not feeling your energy, not hearing you breathe, not seeing you from all sides, made me feel like i was not teaching properly to my full potential.  It was tougher. as seeing you on a tiny screen and maybe missing out on some corrections, just made me feel i didnt do a good enough job. However we managed, we have all settled.. a new skill,  another experience (and hope we dont have to go back to it once our academy can open).

For now the latest date is MAY 11 - we are still waiting for the final news on how exactly we can run it. 

The good news is that the landlord is able to give us two rooms to use, depending how many students will come. One is our normal room 60m2 and the other is 160m2...

The latest i have been told is that Schweizer Yoga Verband has sent a request to BAG to discuss the Protection concept of giving students 10m2 ( per person), which would mean if we have only 5 students for a class we use the normal room and my classes on Mondays that are more than 5, we can spread out in the huge room. It is just plain white.. with the same high ceilings.. its a great hall.. echo will be a bit of a problem but i just have to adjust my voice.

We will still adhere to the same hygenic rules of course. washing hands, keep distance, rock up to class with your OWN MAT and no use of props for the time being. So if you have your own block and belt, bring it. Best you come already dressed in your yoga wear so you dont have to use changing room and there will not be an overflow of people. I have some of your class passes which you will get back once we are in the room. I have kept the old ones too so you can collect them for the end of year invoices. So for now and until further notice:

- Stay with online classes until May 11 (see details below)

- May 11 in the studio (see timetable accordingly)

Please note we have deleted some classes that were not working. There is a change for the Wednesday morning... i separated Level 2 & 3... Those who wish to do both sessions in a row (I suggest you challenge yourself to a 2 hr session) can attend both for the price of 1.5 class pass. The level 1 sessions are still 60 min, the level 2 are 75 min - same price. We have added couple more level 1 sessions. So across the board everyone should be able to attend twice a week at your level. The Saturday morning class will be an all level general class. Shalone will run her Barre class on Friday morning at 10am. Try it out and have fun to some music. 

We have extended all your class passes ... as a matter of fact i will not mark them with an expiry date until you buy your next class pass.  Please note, as all teachers run their own bookkeeping and accounts and for you to be able to use the same class passes for all classes.. we need to return to a

CASH Payment basis only once doors are open. So please make sure you always bring the correct amount. Thank You.

We cannot wait to see and teach you, to hear you breathe, to feel your energy, to see the color of your skin changing during asana, to hear you moan groan laugh and sigh... to see you from all angles.... from baby toe to baby toe... 

Thank you for YOUR  trust and faith... i now know how you live and what your style of furniture is :)))) , i have met your cats and  dogs and kids and partners... With this social distancing, in a way  this whole experience has brought us closer... i was impressed how well you listen to instructions when you truly have to.... it shows again: we can always do a lot more than we think we can...

Because of You we are able to keep our Yoga Academy running.. on that note... 

i bow to you , in Gratitude... Susi Davies

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