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But I can't touch my toes... :(

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Don’t worry at all about touching your toes or how your body looks ! You are in a room full of friends who are here for the same reason as you. So, instead, aim on practicing with breath awareness, and compassion toward yourself and those around you. Do this and you will find that your body will become stronger, more supple, healthier, and radiant without the vanity or sometimes self-loathing that is often attached to our idea of “fitness.”

At the heart of yoga is a transformational component which some call “self-improvement,” and others call “spirituality”. One of the great powers of yoga is that we practice non-dogmatic, unifying precepts that are embraced by virtually all religious, spiritual, and self-improvement paths.








We may be LOVING our practice, but are we doing our practice with LOVE… one of the key elements you will learn in our classes.

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