Events 2021

“Demystifying CHAKRAS - our powerful ENERGY centres ”

Join Susi Davies for two progressive Workshops at the Zurich Dynamic Yoga Academy 

Sat/Sun SEPTEMBER 25 & 26
Sat/Sun NOVEMBER 6 & 7

Become familiar and learn to understand the energies that flow within
ourselves. Understand why you feel in disharmony or in harmony in
certain areas of your life and what we can actively do about it. We will
explore each Chakra and discuss how they manifest in BODY, within


The first 4 chakras (ROOT, SACRAL, SOLAR PLEXUS and HEART)
will be discussed in Sept. and the remaining 3 upper chakras (THROAT,
THIRD EYE, CROWN) in Novemver. Expect Theory and easily
understood explanations, breathwork, asana and meditations to bring
each chakra into harmony.

Start: 9.00 - 12.00 and 13.30 - 16.30
Price: CHF 280.- per weekend  (100.- non refundable deposit) 

RSVP: by Sept. 1. max. 12 participants

Email or Call Susi 079 854 9752