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Do you require assistance with the following:

  • how to manage your daily activities when you seem on overload

  • how to manage your health and wellbeing

  • time management

  • how can i be more happy?

  • how to change the things that you want to change – e.g. jobs, moving flats, relationships

  • how can i be true to myself yet still have a family life

  • be more organised

  • how can i grow more spiritual without loosing all my friends?

  • how can i get more time for myself and not upset my family life?

  • how can i just change my life so that i feel more whole?

  • knowing what i want in life

  • fear of any changes in my life





Let me assist you finding your path and help you follow through with what you want to achieve in your life. For some it only takes a few sessions and motivation and personal guidance so we don’t loose track and fall back into finding an EXCUSE for our lazyness or confusion.
Susi has studied with Expert Rating – a Global certification – however she likes to draw assistance from Yoga Philosophy also, which has helped her overcome her own personal issues and assisted in achieving anything she wanted in her life.

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