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Timetable 2023.  Please contact us for your first booking.  

All classes incorporate the following, according to Level of class:

  • Yoga Postures – Dynamic and powerful which will improve your strength, stamina & flexibility. It is a fusion between Iyengar (correct alignment) and Vinyasa (Breath and Movement) – emphasizing movement from the centre/core of the body without compromising Breath nor the Spine.

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Breathing techniques – Enhance your vitality and keep your nervous system calm and balanced

  • Meditation – Learn to better manage your daily stress

  • Philosophy – Inspire you to to take a fresh look at your lifestyle


  • Casual Drop In Class: CHF 30.-

  • 5 Class Pass (Valid 5 weeks): CHF 150.-

  • 10 Class Pass (Valid 8 weeks: CHF 280.-

  • Private Sessions: CHF 120.- p/h

Class passes are not transferable to another person, extendable past validity 

date, or refundable. Please contact Susi Davies if you have been ill. Couples

can use the same class pass.

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Level 1

The basics and fundamentals of yoga poses are introduced. Learn the process of proper alignment in the poses, simple breathing techniques and the use of props  if necessary. A beginner student needs slow-paced direction as well as attention to breathing patterns. No headstands are being taught in this class.

Level 2

New asanas/postures  at the intermediate level will be introduced. Poses will be held longer to deepen the experience. pranayama, meditation and mantra are part of this class.  Headstand and handstand with support is introduced and vinyasa based flow classes to build strength, endurance and stamina.

Level 3

A challenging class for the keen practitioner.  With freestanding headstands, deeper backbends and further explanation to yoga anatomy. Please only attend this class if  you have spoken to Susi Davies.

Therapy Sessions

Past or present injuries, depression, anxiety, nervous system disorders, organic or endocrine system dysfunction. Breathing dysfunctions etc. Please speak to Susi for an appointment.

Private Classes

New students – who are nervous to just start a group class. You will be gently introduced to the fundamentals of yoga postures and breathing techniques, selecting postures which meet your specific needs, offering hands on adjustments to ensure that you develop a safe and beneficial yoga practice.
Advanced students – Explore specific areas of interest, work on mastering more advanced postures or learn to overcome any fears that might be holding your practice back.

Injuries, Rehabilitation, Health Issues – Private Yoga Classes are especially beneficial for injury rehabilitation, addressing specific health problems and developing a fluid and comprehensive personal practice.
Pregnancy Yoga A great way to start welcoming your baby.

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